Why I Belong

We've been talking to our members to find out why they enjoy and benefit from being a member of the Richland County Bar Association. See what they are saying!

“I belong to the RCBA because there is no better way to connect with my colleagues outside of work; the pandemic may have halted that temporarily, but it is not gone forever.  I also know firsthand that the leadership of the RCBA is interested and invested in each of its members.”

– Olivia Jones


“Being a part of the Richland County Bar Association is not only vital for MY development as a lawyer, but also for any women of color that want to be an asset to their legal community.  The essence of who I am is making sure that everyone has a seat at the table. The more I embrace who I am and interact with my peers, I realize my voice is not only appreciated, but needed. I am thankful for the Richland County Bar Association for their “open arms” and support in the many ideas and conversation birthed in our Diversity Committee in which I serve as co-chair.

- Shea Brighthop